Ideas, opinions, doubts about parquet? Read the FAQ or contact us without obligation.

Who is Pavimenti e Parquet (Floors and Parquet, in English)?

Pavimenti e Parquet is the main online sales site of the Armony Floor company, making use of years of experience in the search for the best bamboo, oak and other parquet floors, for the production and resale of quality wooden floors at the best price.

Our flooring catalog is constantly updated and expanded, but always responding to the indispensable requirement of protecting the environment in which we live: the wood therefore comes exclusively from certified and protected forests, just as only ecological paints are used in its processing. .


Why are your prices so low?

Armony Floor is both an importer and a manufacturer of parquet.

Our prices are so low, because we skip the intermediate steps that increase the price of the floor without doing the same with its value. In both cases, our prices are factory-set because in fact it is as if you are directly addressing the manufacturer of the wooden floor.

As importers, we turn directly to consolidated suppliers, in Europe and Asia, with whom we have had close collaborative relationships for years, selecting only those able to guarantee us strict quality controls to offer the highest production standard.

As producers, our internal laboratory carries out internally, at the hands of expert Italian artisans, part or all of the handcrafted finishing of the parquet. When you call us directly, you may hear them at work.

Our prices are therefore of the factory, always with an excellent relationship between quality and price, because it is really the factory that you are contacting.


Can I have clarifications, information and advice on parquet and my specific needs?

Of course, without any commitment and as you prefer: by phone, by email or by coming to the office.

One of our consultants is at your disposal, even immediately for a quote (indicating the quantity, type of parquet and destination). From Monday to Friday (open all day 9-19) and Saturday (9.30-13.30).

You can contact us:

– immediately by telephone, at 0541.657682;

– with a request via form, to be contacted by us within 48 hours;

– by appointment, at our showroom (via Piane 30, in Coriano, province of Rimini).


Can I proceed directly with the purchase of the parquet on the site?

Your home is also important to us.

To protect your particular needs, the site does not sell parquet directly but offers you the opportunity to find out (if needed, even with our help) which one is right for you.

The site, on the other hand, serves precisely to give you the opportunity to receive a sample of parquet (assorted or customized), always without obligation, because our advice is precisely to let you touch the wood with your hand, caress its veins, grasp its nuances. of color and even smell it.

Only in this way will you be able to better understand if the parquet meets your tastes and the needs of the rooms in which it will be installed.

If you are satisfied, then we will arrange the purchase directly.


What does the price indicated on each product page refer to?

The price you see is that, per square meter, of the parquet indicated.

We show it to you immediately, because we know how crucial it is in your choice to understand if what you see is worth the price indicated. In any case, to further reassure you, the transaction between us will not take place on the site but by talking to us directly.

On each product page, however, you will also find the buttons “ask for a sample of this product” and “ask for assorted samples”. Through these, you can instead evaluate your choice even better before making it definitively, receiving a sample at home (assorted by us or customized by you).


Is the parquet sample free? And what does it contain?

Yes, and without obligation.

Receive directly, wherever you prefer and within 48/72 hours, a panel worth 30 euros containing the various sections of the parquet of your choice, together with our catalog and all our certifications.

We only ask for a contribution to the shipping costs through the Bartolini courier, specifying on the site whether you intend to pay them immediately via Paypal, by bank transfer or cash on delivery upon receipt of the sample.

If you decide to proceed with the purchase, the expenses you have incurred for the shipment of the sample will be reimbursed.


Which parquet and flooring samples are available?

We have been operating in the flooring and parquet sector for many years.

Our experience has led us to prepare in the standard assorted sample the types of parquet that, in our opinion, can best guide you in choosing the best parquet and the best floor for your needs.

You can request an assorted sampling of solid bamboo parquet, oak parquet, a double sample of both, of outdoor wood decking.


What is the difference between standard samples and customizable samples?

As an alternative to the assorted standard sample, you can also request a customized sample (by phone, by email or through the contact form), indicating your needs and the products that interest you most (or that interest your customers).

Or you can customize your sample directly from the site. On each product page you have the possibility, by clicking on the “ask for a sample of this product” button, to compose the sample you will receive directly by choosing up to 10 different types of wooden floors (and at no additional cost).


Are you able to also ensure the installation service and design support?

Yes, at your request. All over Italy.

Armony Floor uses a dense network of expert installers throughout the country and is able to offer an efficient installation service, to customers who request it, for all floors purchased directly from us. However, nothing prevents you from contacting a trusted installer.

Our support can also be on your projects, advising you on the best essence for the environment in which the floor will be placed and the most appropriate installation based on the chosen floor. In addition, we are also able to follow you with regard to surveys, plans and calculation of the scraps (the waste material).


Do you also offer an after-sales service and a guarantee on the floors sold?

Yes, after-sales assistance is practically for life and the guarantee on structural defects is at least 25 years.

We guarantee our customers a wide range of after-sales services for parquet assistance, always with tailor-made solutions: maintenance, spare parts, accessories, cleaning and recommended products, expansion interventions.

As for the guarantee, each parquet floor is guaranteed for 25 years against any structural defect as long as it has been correctly installed and used.