Wood Flooring Colors

Wide choice of colors for Parquet and Wooden Floors, at factory prices

Looking at the various ranges and types of wooden floors, it is very easy to get lost in choosing the parquet color . In addition to the already numerous natural colors of each wood, in fact, the various additional colors are added (the colors white and whitened , the color < strong> light , the gray light and dark, the colors dark and black , the effects antiqued </ strong > and pickled ), obtained by processing and coloring the wood. The parquet colors are really many, including various shades and color gradations.

Obviously, the choice of parquet color is fundamental for the aesthetic success of the environment in which the wooden floor will be laid; which is why the fundamental point for the choice will be precisely the installation environment: the dominant colors, the size, the brightness, the furniture, doors and fixtures.
Taking these elements into consideration, we can orient ourselves more clearly in our decision; for example, with dark windows and doors we can follow this color, or go in stark contrast with a white or bleached parquet.

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Discover all the wood flooring colors available:


White and bleached parquet



Gray parquet



Light parquet



Dark and black parquet



Bleached oak parquet



Natural oak parquet



Antique oak parquet



Pickled oak parquet