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Light parquet

Light parquet: pre-finished and floating, choose your wooden floor, even very light

A light parquet often turns out to be the best solution in almost any environment you intend to lay a wooden floor: it is able to increase the vision of the space, as well as the brightness of the environment in which it was placed and does not tire the eye, giving a feeling of freshness and modernity .
A light parquet (or even a very light parquet ) also allows you to play with color contrasts, giving life to various aesthetic effects very particular: for example, it can be combined with walls with slightly warmer shades to keep a bright room, or use it to lighten a particularly dark furniture.
On Floors and Parquet, with Armony Floor, the light parquet (pre-finished floating) is a factory prices , because the sale is directly from the manufacturer: high quality, saving on the cost of light wood floor .
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Fresh and modern, discover the light parquet available: