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Parquet and wooden floors, pre-finished and floating: wide choice, quality at factory prices

Armony Floor parquet and wooden floors are all of quality, on sale at factory prices thanks to the direct relationship between production and end user, thus ensuring maximum savings without sacrificing the certainty of a floor that will last over time. On sale you will find a wide selection of pre-finished parquet and floating parquet, ready for installation, and many other types of online parquet of multiple essences (bamboo, oak, for outdoors, exotic), as well as products and accessories for care and maintenance. It is always and only wood parquet certified as ecological, coming from controlled forests at every stage of the production cycle according to European standards, with water-based finishes for maximum health protection, safe for the whole house (even in the bathroom and kitchen ). Armony Floor also ensures, on request, the laying of parquet throughout Italy, through a network of expert installers, with guarantees and reduced VAT. In choosing the parquet closest to your desires, you can start from the main categories: bamboo parquet, oak parquet (including herringbone) and outdoor parquet, with attention also to accessories and products for parquet. 

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Parquet means, according to the UNI EN 13756 standard, those wooden floors with at least 2.5 mm thickness of the noble layer before installation. Based on their structure, there is an initial classification of parquet and wooden floors.

Solid (or traditional) parquet

It is the parquet par excellence, it is made up entirely of the essence, available as raw parquet or as pre-finished parquet

Parquet supported

It is composed of a surface of noble wood with a support of another wood called “poor” or of several layers of the same wood (as in the case of bamboo parquet). Generally these are pre-finished parquet, ready for installation.

Parquet industrial

It is a wooden floor made up of numerous small strips, joined in parallelepiped shapes which will then be assembled together. The modules can also be varied, to allow you to create floors from the original designs; however this type of parquet is generally not used in homes.

Wooden floors with floating or glued parquet

Floating installation

By floating parquet we mean a particular procedure for laying parquet on wooden floors, which does not involve the use of glues for fixing to the floor. The strips are assembled by interlocking using the vinyl glue between the male-female joint or with a self-locking joint without any glue. After it is necessary to apply a sound-absorbing mat to isolate the parquet from the screed. (To find out more, visit the section dedicated to floating parquet).

Laying with glue

That of the adhesive parquet is the classic laying of the parquet. A layer of glue (mono or bi-component) is spread on a flat and dry base, where the strips are placed. The laid planks must be hit with a hammer, placing a piece of wood on them (the parquet to be blocked); this procedure is important to have a perfect leveling. This laying optimally guarantees the cohesion of the floor, without any cracks.

Nailed installation

This installation is carried out only if traditional parquet boards with a thickness of 22 mm are used; currently this pose is rare.

Wooden floors: pre-finished or rough parquet

The pre-finished parquet (already painted in the factory)

The pre-finished parquet is very suitable, if you want to make it in a short time, without any move from home. It can be set up quickly and can be walked on in 24 hours, since there is no need for any other finish after installation! In conclusion, the pre-finished is more practical and economical!

The rough parquet

To settle, it must rest for a few days, installation takes longer because the finish needs more layers and a few days to dry. With this type of parquet (raw parquet) you have the advantage of choosing your own finish (varnish, oil, wax, etc.), to have in your home an absolutely personal parquet, for taste, aesthetics, practicality.

Parquet and finishes

Painted Parquet

The parquet finished with varnish is very practical, because it is very resistant to scratches, scratches; it is easily cleaned with damp cloths, mild and neutral detergents.

Oiled Parquet

The oiled parquet absorbs more liquids than the varnished one, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, therefore it is not suitable. The maintenance of the parquet is done with special products, and every year it must be re-oiled. This process is not very practical, even if it is simple, which is why varnished parquet is preferred.

Wax finish

In wooden floors The wax finish is a surface layer and allows the wood to “breathe”, protecting it at the same time from external agents. Cleaning must be done with a specific, neutral detergent, using a soft cloth; a more thorough cleaning should be done with the application of a wax solvent, which must be reapplied, then polished at a later time.


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