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Parquet at factory prices: high quality, great savings

Wood Flooring at factory prices , how? Because Armony Floor from Italy buys from the manufacturer and resells directly, without intermediaries and without using the chain of agents; the quality of all products is guaranteed by careful checks of our specialised personnel , which ascertains the origin of the raw materials and verifies the correct processing of the materials.

Skipping the distribution chain (wholesalers, agents, retailers, etc.) allows you to have a significant savings on the price final product and allows you to buy the parquet at factory prices;

Armony Floor sells high quality parquet at a really cheap price!

But what does it really mean “ quality parquet “: it is important to know which elements are the basis of a quality parquet; this allows you to buy with confidence and evaluate the price of the products on the market.

The parquet price is given by the set of some factors, which concern the raw material, the construction, the thickness and the products used in the finish:

1. The construction

The layers that make up the medium-small parquet planks are usually 2: lo top layer , or noble and it is the lower layer or support. The quality of a good construction is given both of the thickness of the noble layer , which should be of 4mm , which from the type of wood used in the lower layer. There maximum stability you have using the Birch , but you can find products with supports composed of other essences such as fir, poplar and other less resistant exotic woods.
In the case of large planks, the 3 layers is the best composition : the upper layer is always 4 mm, the other 2 layers consist of strips assembled transversely, generally in spruce. The making of 3-layer maxiplance done in this way guarantees a perfect stability of the product, allowing to use the parquet both with glued and floating laying.

2. Oil painting and finishing

Another index element of excellent product quality is the painting and the best brands in this sense they are European ; our parquet floors have 7 layers of UV drying varnish and the products used are branded Treffert (Germany) e Bona (Sweden). There oil finish , obtained with the most innovative treatments, it is particularly resistant and keeps the natural look parquet. By receiving a free sample or visiting our showroom, you have the opportunity to touch our products firsthand and examine the material to ascertain its quality construction and finishing.

3. The adhesives

Even the glue used is crucial in building a quality parquet; it is important to know the amount of formaldehyde released , as the regulations in force have very restrictive limits in this sense. All our products respect this limit, as the formaldehyde emission is well below the permitted level .

4. The thickness

The best parquet has one noble layer 4 mm thick , as it can be sanded several times over time; however, it is possible to find floors made with high production standards but with lower thicknesses. The resistance of the product will be equally guaranteed provided that high quality protective paints and oils have been used; the minimum thickness , however, it must not never be less than 2.5mm , so that at least one sanding can be carried out. Floors with different quantities of noble layer can have different prices; if the construction and finishes are of high quality, the resistance and stability of the product is equally guaranteed.

The prices of the Armony Floor wood flooring

With this information you can begin compare parquet prices, evaluate products and guide you in your choices ; always remember to start with the wood that you like or that meets your needs; if in doubt of further information, please contact us and we will update you on any material in stock or products on arrival.