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Stock Parquet: wholesale flooring at factory prices, directly from the manufacturer
Parquet Prices in Stock and End of Series

ARMONY FLOOR sells parquet in stock of bamboo and oak at very low prices, absolutely competitive in the market. The stock offers of pre-finished parquet are many, in different types: for finish, color, thickness and size suitable for glued, floating and underfloor heating . The numerous parquet promotions meet your refined taste, your particular needs. By visiting our site, from the comfort of your home or by coming to our office, you can admire and choose your wooden floor directly from the manufacturer, even by purchasing end-of-series parquet or wholesale flooring .
You can realize your dream that you thought impossible, at an unimaginable price!
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The prices are absolutely factory-made, they are imported and sold directly, there is no supply chain. If you are looking for an exotic, modern, classic or traditional floor, you will find it at Armony Floor. You spend very little, but you take home a parquet on offer in stock at factory prices, guaranteed of high quality. The mark-up applied to the parquet in stock is minimal and it is really honest considering the market prices. Those who buy Armony Floor parquet always have an absolute guarantee because it has the CE mark that establishes European laws and requirements for public health. The parquet is safe for the consumer, has a high quality and is respectful of the human and animal environment. The raw material used for wooden floors is collected only in certified forests, respecting the rules and requirements for a correct and safe forest management, in order to safeguard the territory of the local populations and fauna, for sustainable development. Our economical oak and bamboo parquet are non-flammable; paints are applied according to the rules, in the right quantity and are of European brand: Finnish or German. Likewise, the adhesives are free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde. All this is important if you want to have safe floors, with an absolute guarantee of duration for at least 25 years! If the floor in stock is well laid and cleaned with non-abrasive neutral products, it will not deform, have no defects and will keep its elegance and beauty for many years, as if it were always new.

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