Pre-finished parquet

Prefinished Parquet: factory prices on high quality

The pre-finished parquet at factory prices , guaranteeing the high quality of wooden floors, is a distinctive feature of Armony Floor which on the Pavimenti e Parquet website exhibits a wide range of pre-finished wooden parquet ( bamboo is oak ). But first of all, what is pre-finished parquet?
The pre-finished parquet it is an elegant and high quality parquet; moreover, unlike the traditional one, it offers numerous and important advantages. When it comes to pre-finished parquet reference is made to a layered parquet; the definition essentially affects only the surface of the parquet and not the structure as a whole. This parquet, unlike the rough (or pre-polished) one, already has the surface finish therefore, during the installation phase, the installer will not have to apply any treatment.

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The advantages of pre-finished parquet

The following are the fundamental advantages of this type of parquet:

  • simplicity and ease of installation;
  • the installation can also be carried out on a pre-existing floor;
  • the parquet leaves the factory already finished, therefore the installer only has to glue it during the installation phase. The costs will thus be minimal;
  • once the installation has been carried out, the parquet does not require further processing: this avoids the presence of any dangerous dust and guarantees better cleaning, unlike a traditional parquet that requires sanding and various paints;
  • the quality of the finish is excellent thanks to the use of particular UV drying products; moreover, unlike traditional parquet, pre-finished parquet resists abrasion very well.
    ARMONY FLOOR chooses for its pre-finished parquet only paints of European origin (Swedish and German) without formaldehyde, absolutely the best among those available on the market.

The ARMONY FLOOR pre-finished parquet

Pre-finished Bamboo parquetARMONY FLOOR has a wide range of pre-finished parquet, available in bamboo and oak.

THE prefinished bamboo parquet They are essentially divided into two types, different in structure and formats:

  • solid pre-finished;
  • pre-finished supported or layered.

THE prefinished oak parquet instead they are all of the supported type, divided into the maxiplancia or plank format.

The various finishes of the pre-finished parquet

Pre-finished oak parquet

Pre-finished varnish parquet

The paints are the most used as finishes for the parquet laid inside and are:

one-component and two-component polyurethanes which have, among other things, some characteristics such as excellent resistance to abrasion but also that of tending to darken the wood by enhancing its grain;
single-component and two-component water-based with the property of being almost odorless and therefore less harmful to the health of the installer and the environment and to darken the wood less;
urea or urethane, with the characteristic of keeping light woods clear.

Prefinished parquet a wax

The particular characteristic of the wax treatment is that it allows the continuous transpiration of the wood since it does not seal its porosity as in the case of varnishing. The treatment is also compatible with all woods, not causing particular coloring reactions but requires greater care in maintenance.

Pre-finished oil parquet

This is the most recent discovery in terms of parquet finishing and has received widespread acclaim. The mixture that is most often used is composed of vegetable oils that impregnate the wood “loading” it with shades and protecting it very well while allowing it to transpire. It requires some care and extraordinary maintenance at least once a year with nourishing and restorative products for wood.


Classification of the finish in relation to its degree of brilliance

DEFINITION OF THE GLOSS PAINT (values measured with a glossometer at a 60 ° angle on a paint with excellent hiding power in 3 layers)

GLOSSY 81-100
MATT 21-50
MAT 0-20

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