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Dark and black wood flooring

Dark and black wood flooring: prefinished and floating

A dark wooden floor (dark as well as black) has the gift of transmitting the maximum elegance to the house: the dark and black colors of the wood flooring, in fact, flood the environment with a sense of warmth and intimacy.
For this feature of shrinking visual effect, a dark parquet or a black parquet are perfect to be used in large rooms , mainly rustic and refined.
The dark wood flooring , prefinished and floating , is present in the Armony Floor collection in multiple shades of dark color (from brown to black) and in more wood essences (such as dark oak flooring and how dark bamboo flooring ).
A dark wood floor it can be placed in any room of the house, but it is particularly suitable for those dedicated to rest, such as the bedrooms and living rooms .
It is important to combine the right furniture : for example, we can use a dark wooden floor in a room where white (or in any case a cold color) is predominant, adding warmth to the room thanks to the contrast with the dark floor .
On the Italian online site Floors and Parquet, with Armony Floor, dark parquet and black parquet are a cost prices , because the sale takes place directly from the factory, guaranteeing you the best quality at the right price.
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Warm and elegant, discover the range of dark and black parquet: