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Bamboo flooring

Armony Floor Bamboo Flooring: prefinished, floating, also Strand Woven

Leader in Italy and Europe in high quality Bamboo Flooring: factory prices, skipping the resale

Bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular product on the market, thanks to its qualities: economical and ecological, resistant (maximum resistance in strand woven bamboo) and durable, great variety of styles (classic and modern) and colors, ready (pre-finished bamboo parquet ) for laying (floating bamboo parquet). For these reasons, bamboo floors are gaining more and more space and popularity among builders, interior designers and architects.

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Bamboo parquet is a valid alternative to traditional wooden flooring, because it has a high resistance and at the same time gives an image of elegance, beauty and is characterized by its eco-compatibility. Bamboo floors are divided into three types, each with its own particular aspect: vertical, horizontal, strand woven (pressed). The horizontal type is the one that most highlights the characteristic exotic bamboo knot, the vertical type instead shows a more sober, less visible and striped knot. The strand woven, the most resistant type of the three, has veins very similar to classic and traditional wooden parquet. When the bamboo plant reaches 4/5 years it is ready to be cut, to be then decorticated and cleaned of the bark; finally it is cut into rods, which will make up the structure of the horizontal and vertical version based on how they will be assembled with respect to the support surface. The strand woven is manufactured with the upper and noble part of the plant, too thin to be used in the construction of the horizontal and vertical. This part will then be pressed and glued, to be finally dried for several weeks in order to have a stable product.

Why is bamboo parquet so sophisticated and so special? First of all it must be considered that the mechanical characteristics are similar or even superior to iron and this makes the bamboo floor one of the most resistant on the market; it should also be noted that in reality bamboo is not a tree, but a plant of the grass family, characteristic for its extremely resistant but also flexible fibers. Bamboo parquet stands out from other woods for its high hardness, resistance and solidity; moreover, the swellings and shrinkages are less than in other traditional woods. As for the environment, there are no other plants that grow and are ready to cut after just 4/5 years; they regenerate without being replanted and do not need fertilizers and pesticides and all this thanks to the rhizomatous root that always generates new shoots. These are the advantages that lead to consider bamboo parquet as the ecological parquet par excellence. For its exceptional resistance and other qualities, in association with the TREFFERT treatment (made in Germany), bamboo in the Brinell hardness test surpasses the other woods used for floors.


Parquet di bambooARMONY FLOOR company carefully follows every step of production, from the cutting of the raw material to the last finishing of the bamboo parquet, guaranteeing high quality at factory prices; imports the product from Southeast Asia, actively collaborating with various suppliers and selecting only the best companies. Quality controls are strict and precise starting from the raw material up to its transformation, according to the needs and demands of the market. Direct and trusted collaborators are responsible for the supervision and verification of the various stages in the creation of the parquet and before each batch or batch arrives on the market, all quality controls are carried out; moreover, as a sample, several boards are sent to the laboratory, so that all the legal parameters (for example the level of formaldehyde emission) are respected. Only in this way can we guarantee a safe and stable product for over 25 years! ARMONY FLOOR chooses to incur higher costs, in order to be sure of selling a high quality and absolutely guaranteed product. The strength of our company is the production and direct import, with subsequent sale, without using the chain of sales agents that would significantly increase prices. Selling represents the best way to distribute throughout the national territory, with great speed and simplicity, but also seriousness, because it is possible to receive a free sample that will be sent in 48/72 hours. It is also possible to visit our showroom equipped with a large variety of bamboo parquet and choose according to your taste and need, guided by the advice of professional experts.

The types of bamboo parquet are pre-finished or pre-polished: in the first case the planks have already been smoothed, finished with paints and are ready for installation, in the second case the paint will be applied by the installer; with pre-finished parquet, the floor can be walked on after 24 hours, on the contrary, pre-polished parquet takes longer to dry, but you have the advantage of being able to customize the floor according to your aesthetic taste. The installation can be glued or floating (floating), on a screed or on a heated floor; the choice of installation depends on your needs and also on the type of parquet chosen. The floating installation with click joint is very easy to implement, does not require the use of glues, so it can be easily assembled and disassembled for a new use. The cleaning and maintenance of ARMONY FLOOR parquet is very simple and practical, it requires neutral products and damp cloths. The color of the parquet ranges from light to dark with different shades: the light honey color is the bamboo as it appears naturally, the carbonized is the bamboo that has been baked in special ovens and has taken on the color of walnut wood. Furthermore, we have recently had a new color in our catalog, the bleached, which respects and follows the lines of made in Italy, combining practicality and elegance. ARMONY FLOOR, in addition to selling high quality bamboo parquet at factory price (import and direct sale, without supply chain), considers respect for the environment and people’s health a priority and fundamental!


Parquet in bambooThe raw material that ARMONY FLOOR uses grows only in controlled and certified forests that establish the rules and standards of proper forest management, valid all over the world for the purpose of protecting the environment of wildlife, local populations, workers. . Bamboo is therefore an ecological and sustainable product, harvested only in controlled forests. As soon as the plant is cut at the root, since it has a rhizomatous root, new shoots appear which in just three years reach 30 meters in height and in 4-5 years are ripe and thick for cutting. On the other hand, to cut an oak oak it is necessary to wait 60/70 years, a very long time! The adhesives and paints are free of formaldehyde and other toxic products harmful to health; they are of Finnish or German brand absolutely guaranteed by the CE mark.

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