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Floating wood flooring

Floating wood flooring: at factory prices, even DIY, simple and quick installation

The term floating wood flooring indicates the wooden floors for floating installation, that is the type of parquet whose wooden boards are not fixed to the floor: the strips, in fact, are neither glued nor nailed to the sub-floor but only tied together through the vinyl glue (applied to the females of the joints or through the system of click locking). Floating floor boards are placed on the prepared floor and on a thin layer of thermal and acoustic insulation material.
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The floating wood flooring at factory prices with Armony Floor

Price of the floating wooden floors lower than other parquet retailers
Quick and convenient installation because it can be done with DIY.
Thanks to the sound-absorbing mat to be used between the screed and the wooden floor, the rising damp decreases and the absorption of noise is greater
Floating flooring can be mounted in cases where glued laying is not recommended, such as on a screed whose surface is flaky and dusty or where there is excessive rising damp.

Other reasons about why the Wood Flooring wideplank for floating installation is convenient:

The floating wooden floor with interlocking can be laid in a simple way and without fear of making irreparable mistakes, saving on the cost of the installer
Since the wideplanks have been created to be laid without the use of floor glues, it is possible to mount the parquet also in other situations, always guaranteeing perfect stability.

The types of Armony Floor floating wooden floors
A wide variety of wooden floors suitable for floating installation is available:
Floating Oak flooring
Armony Floor has oak wide planks all supported by a counterbalanced plywood, usable both with glued and floating laying; since they are made with male and female joints, it will be necessary to use vinyl glue (D3) in the tapping and to use expansion joints near some doors.

Floating Bamboo flooring
Armony Floor has available in the Bamboo wideplanks multilayer with tongue / groove joint (D3 vinyl glue must be used) which make installation faster and cheaper as they allow you to try your hand at DIY. We currently sell the Strand Woven type: carbonized (code SWC-M) and natural (SWNS-M).
Floating flooring in Bamboo with tongue and groove joint
The floating installation can also be done with the Armony Floor solid wood planks; having the male and female interlocking, it is necessary to use vinyl glue (D3) in the notches of each strip and to use T-joints in correspondence with some doors.

Below are the materials and tools necessary for laying the floating wood flooring.


Waterproof tape
Cork strips
Floor boards
Dial or scotland type moldings
Parquet sealant


Tape measure and removable
circular saw
Drill with hole saw

1) Lay the felt, covering the wall up to the height of the skirting board, and fix it with removable tape. Overlap the panels, arranging cork strips along the side walls. Between the plank and the wall put spacer blocks and fix the first piece with the grooved side 10 mm from the wall.

2) Apply PVA to the grooved end of the board before pulling the tab of the next one over it. Then remove the residues.

3) Align each board with the joints arranged in a staggered manner. Place the battens by hammering against a protective block.

4) If there is a pipe, mark its position on the table: with the drill fitted with a hole saw, make a hole the size of the pipe and cut a wedge at the edge of the table which you will then re-stick after having cutlery.

5) To fix the strips around a door trim, use a saw resting on a scrap piece to evaluate its height and cut in the area where the covering will be installed.

6) Put the baseboard back in place and cover the expansion gaps by nailing moldings to the baseboard. Cut the felt along the edges with the cutter. Apply the sealant to the floor.

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