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Wood flooring for Outdoors

Among the wooden floors, the best outdoor parquet at factory prices

ARMONY FLOOR outdoor parquet it is generally composed of a maxi plank, thermally treated ( decking ), specifically designed, for outdoor flooring , with WOCA oil finish. It can be laid, with a flat or grooved surface, and is equipped with lateral grooves to be fixed with clips or screws.

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Here are the advantages of ARMONY FLOOR outdoor parquet:
– Cheap
– Quick and easy to install
– Also achievable on previous flooring
– Suitable for composing drawings, routes, division of zones
– Ecological
– Absolute guarantee and certification

The result is a floor of great charm and elegance, truly unique!

Resistance and durability guaranteed for life!


These are the main features of the ARMONY FLOOR outdoor wooden floor (suitable for terraces, verandas, swimming pools, walkways, gardens, etc.). The best essence, in order not to alter the balance of the forests by cutting down precious trees (larch, pine, oak, teak, iroko, robinia, chestnut, etc.), is bamboo, which is not actually a tree, but a grass. which grows very fast, and is ready to be cut after a few years.

The outdoor parquet is proposed in maxiplancia format with laying on joists:

typology solid bamboo Strand Woven
surface smooth or non-slip
thickness 20mm
width 140mm
length 1850mm
finish Woca oil (made in Denmark)
structure without interlocking and rounded edges for one pose with stainless steel screws or with interlocking only on the long sides and worked with a double female for one stainless steel clips laying

installation on the “floating” joists, the maxiplances parallel to each other must be mounted, at a distance of about 5 mm from each other, to let the water flow.

The fixing possibilities are:
– with visible stainless steel screws in the surface of the lists;

– with steel plates stainless steel (clips) , which are screwed onto the joists and inserted into the slats for a “free” assembly.

typology solid joist
woody species vertical or horizontal bamboo
thickness 40mm
width 40mm
length 2200mm
installation floating on a flat surface with a distance of about 40 cm
Wood needs periodic maintenance at least once a year; since exposure to the sun and air tends to alter the color over time, the initial appearance can be recreated using vegetable oils, natural impregnating agents.

A preventive washing with water is recommended to avoid dyeing to any traces of tannin present in the woods.

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