Floating floor

Floating Wooden Floor: advantages of floating installation and click interlocking parquet

A floating wooden floor it is cheap, fast, simple: ideal for those looking for a “do it yourself” installation.

The floating installation of FLOATING PARQUET

It defines itself FLOATING parquet a single surface of wooden floor that is laid on a screed, is made of large planks with interlocking. Between the floating parquet floor and the screed surface there must be a layer of sound-absorbing material that reduces the noise of footsteps on the floor. This floor consists of 4 parts:

  • Floating parquet
  • Thermal acoustic insulation layer
  • Vapor barrier-screen
  • Laying surface or screed

Thanks to the do-it-yourself, installation is quick and easy;

The insulating layer placed between the floating parquet and the screed reduces any rising damp and almost completely absorbs the annoying noise of footsteps; Floating parquet can also be installed in a condition where glued installation would not be possible, such as, for example, on a crumbly screed that creates dust, or where too much humidity rises from the substrate.

Armony Floor: ADVANTAGES of floating parquet with self-locking joint

Self-locking interlocking (Click): further advantages

  • You can easily assemble and disassemble the Click interlocking parquet, you have a good saving on installation, because the use is very simple even for those who do not belong to the sector;
  • The re-use of the planks can also take place at a later time, since they are laid without adhesives, while ensuring perfect solidity;
  • There is no need to wait for the glue that has not been used to dry when walking on the parquet.

Floating floor composed of floating oak parquet

ARMONY FLOOR oak products are all counterbalanced multilayer maxiplance and adapt perfectly to glued and floating installation. Since they have a tongue-and-groove joint, it is imperative to use vinyl glue (D3) in the joints of each plank and place expansion joints in correspondence with some doors.

The Click joint

Armony Floor (the only one in the national market) sells multilayer maxiplances with Barry interlocking (CLICK) which make it possible to avoid the use of adhesives so that even the less experienced can install it with simplicity and ease. Currently available products are Carbonized Strand Woven (product code SWC-MP) and Natural Strand Woven (product code SWN-MP).

The floating parquet with tongue-and-groove joint

ARMONY FLOOR traditional solid bamboo parquet can be used for floating installation. The joints of the planks are of the male-female type, so you must use the vinyl glue (D3) in the tapping of each strip and use T-joints adjacent to the doors.

TYPES of floating type parquet proposed by Armony Floor

We stock a wide range of floating wooden floors suitable for floating installation.