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Pre-finished oak parquet

Prefinished Oak Parquet, at factory prices: bleached, brushed, natural

The pre-finished oak parquet has already been finished in the factory, before purchase, guaranteeing considerable savings both on prices and on time: in fact, the installer will only have to install the pre-finished oak parquet , without having to carry out any other machining operations (such as sanding).
There are various types of pre-finished parquet in oak wood , with more finishes depending on your preferences: the pre-finished bleached oak parquet , the pre-finished brushed oak parquet , the pre-finished natural oak parquet , the parquet pre-finished pickled oak .
On the online site Pavimenti e Parquet, with Armony Floor, the sale of pre-finished oak parquet is at factory prices , because the purchase of the wooden floor takes place directly from the manufacturer, with guaranteed high quality but at a fair price, because the cost can be lower.
It is possible immediately to request a free sample, without obligation, to verify the quality of the product pre-finished in oak .
Call and ask for a Free Sample of Pre-finished Oak Parquet!

Discover the Pre-finished Oak Parquet: prices, quality, assortment.