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Rustic Oak flooring with Cracks

Rustic Oak Flooring: cracks in evidence, craftsmanship

In rustic oak flooring with cracks, the craftsmanship brings even more light the living material of wood, in a dense synthesis of emotions between classic appearance and contemporary taste, ranging between multiple shades of colors (from whitened white to natural light, from raw to gray more or less intense dark pickled).
The main feature of this type of rustic oak flooring, in a wideplank format, is the depth handwork on cracks and knots (up to 30 mm) , even more in evidence thanks to a decisive brushing , with ruined edges and contrasting fillings.
One follows rustic and country style , with a oak barrique flooring with a design of great personality, which recalls echoes of a past brought with elegance into the present: an excellent quality parquet, at factory prices in the Armony Floor catalog, easily verifiable by requesting a free sample.
The finish, again with solvent-free ecological water-based paint, can be customized on request.
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Discover the timeless quality and elegance of rustic oak flooring with cracks: