Wood Flooring essences

Parquet essences: the best essences of wood flooring

Between parquet essences , we have reserved the maximum space in our catalog to the best wood essences (such as oak and bamboo): types of parquet essences that in the pre-finished parquet enhance beauty, resistance and hardness, for a high quality parquet, guaranteed over time, offered at factory prices.
Our experience leads us to recommend them as the best parquet essences, for variety of styles, colors and finishes, as well as for speed and reliability in laying, therefore for the best ratio between quality and price: both for bamboo (pre-finished, floating, strand woven) and oak (pre-finished, bleached, natural, antiqued, pickled, brushed).
In the catalog we also have other parquet essences in wood (raw) and exotic (iroko, doussié, teak).
By calling the phone, you will receive information on each essence and the most useful advice for your needs (including a free sample without obligation, directly to your home in just 48/72 hours).

Wood and parquet essences: Bamboo and prefinished oak



Bamboo floor



Prefinished bamboo parquet



Floating bamboo parquet



Bamboo Strand Woven




Oak floor



Prefinished oak parquet



Bleached oak parquet



Natural oak parquet



Antique oak parquet



Pickled oak parquet



Brushed oak parquet